Weekend Review: Labor Day

And with that, the unofficial start to Autumn has come upon us. Labor Day weekend has come and gone and boy did I have a good one!

The weather was perfect! Hurricane Hermine hadn’t quite reached this far up north so the skies were clear and the sun was shining! I spent part of my weekend up in Kennebunkport, Maine enjoying the last glimpses of summer fun. By some beautiful alignment of everything wonderful in the world, I didn’t have to work all weekend! You can bet I took full advantage of the much welcomed time off!

The main reason I wanted to go to Kennebunkport wasn’t because I absolutely love Maine (I really do!) but because I found a great kayaking tour online that I was desperate to experience! My sister and I spent three hours kayaking around some islands before docking up on one to have a picnic by a lighthouse. It was a positively perfect experience!

Afterwards we grabbed some food in town, explored a bit, and of course grabbed a pound and a half of salt water taffy!  As if I could be in Maine and not get salt water taffy!

The rest of my weekend wasn’t as adventurous, but was definitely still productive! I ran some much needed errands around town (future reference: the mall is seriously crowded Labor Day Weekend so avoid at all costs!). I finally got a basket to put all of the throw blankets I have at home into – goodbye pile of blankets in the corner of my room! Plus, I began the process of painting over some awful purple walls in my house! (I’ll spare you any images of this particular purple, just know that I hated it.)

The last bits of Hurricane Hermine finally hit Massachusetts yesterday which made for an extremely dreary first day back to work. I was so glad the yucky weather held out over the weekend though so I could get some last bits of adventuring done this summer! Next up: all things FALL!

Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

I don’t know about the rest of the U.S., but August has been a scorcher in New England this year! These lazy, hazy days of summer are making me think of every possible way to beat the heat!

Sometimes, when the thermometer reaches 100 degrees I find myself vegging out in my air conditioned home all day avoiding the heat and humidity. Frankly, it makes me a bit stir crazy when I can’t find the energy to go outside!

I’ve been thinking of every possible activity that gets me out of the house on hot days while not falling into a bout of heat stroke! So far, these are my favorites!

1. Putting my beach chair directly into the ocean and reading a great book! Dipping my feet and ankles into the water instantly cools my whole body down and the sea breeze keeps me cool on hot days! Check out what I’ve been reading this year over in my 101 in 1001 list. (Hint: the list is #4 on the list!)

2. Grab a cold cocktail under an umbrella of an outdoor patio! I love being outside as much as possible but without a refreshing beverage in hand, it can be unbearable! Grabbing cocktails with friends on a hot summer day is always something I can muster up energy for!

3. Hit up an outdoor mall! There aren’t many around me, but if I can plan ahead and make the trip to the outlet mall on a hot summer day, I most certainly will! As previously mentioned I love being outside, but I’ll definitely take the opportunity to duck into an air conditioned store if it means new clothes!

What are some of your favorite ways to beat the heat during the summer? 

Weekend Reading

Hey y’all! Me again! I know, I know… it’s been forever! I’m not going to make any promises of coming back on a more consistent level or anything like that because well, I’m busy all. the. time. That’s what you get when you work in the events industry, right?

While I’m running around between events this weekend, take some time to enjoy this summer weather and catch up on your weekend reading!


Mark your calendar for November 25th! Gilmore Girls officially has a release date and a new trailer for the Netflix revival series!

I work with some amazing gals who I relate to on so many levels. That’s why I completely trust their book recommendation of The Luckiest Girl Alive and why I’ll be starting the page turner ASAP!

Have you checked out Carly of The College Prepsters new vlog? I love getting a glimpse into her cool day-to-day life!

I was in Nantucket a few weekends ago and I’ve been craving a longer escape to the island ever since I caught the ferry back home. Check out Mackenzie Horan’s Nantucket Packing List for your summer escape needs!

Last but not least… Happy Opening Ceremonies Day!! The Summer Olympics are finally here and if the USA swimmers doing car pool karaoke doesn’t get you excited for some medal ceremonies then I don’t know what will!

What’s been catching your eye lately? Link it below and I’ll be sure to check it out over the weekend!

Summer in Seersucker

If there has been one consistency in my summer wardrobe this year it is definitely seersucker. I have this pattern on heavy rotation in my closet and it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting sick of it anytime soon! (Seriously though, anytime I go shopping I always return with at least one seersucker item!)

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite seersucker items that are absolutely perfect for those poolside barbecues and rooftop dinner parties this summer!

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.04.03 PM.png

one // two // three // four

five (on sale!) // six // seven

I’ve also been having a lot of luck finding cute pieces at small town boutiques! I love finding hidden gems and supporting local businesses!

What are your summer wardrobe staples this year? 

What Summer Bod?

When did summer get here and why am I feeling completely blindsided by it?!

I’m going to be 100% honest in saying that I’ve put my health on the back burner for the last year or so. (Cringe-worthy, I know!) Ever since I got my first knee surgery I stopped working out as passionately as I had been beforehand. When my second, more intensive, knee surgery came along everything essentially stopped. While physical therapy kept me relatively active it wasn’t until the last few weeks that I’ve officially tried to kick back into gear.

There are still moments where my knee positively aches and I have to stop (hey, I’m only 6 months post-op!) but I’m so happy to be putting my health back as a top priority! Sometimes I just can’t make it all the way to the gym though so I try to stay active at home too. (After all, summer cookouts seem to be officially in full swing!) I’ve pulled together some fun workouts from pinterest that I’m dying to try these first weeks of summer!

health quote

Sexy Summer Abs

Slimming Legs Chair Workout

Abs Abs Abs!!!

Simple Home Workout

Everyone’s life is busy and let’s face it – sometimes you just can’t get to the gym as often as you would like to. I love doing planks or jumping jacks during television commercial breaks so I’m hoping that these more structured workouts will add a new level of intensity to my at-home fitness routine!

Do you have any go-to workouts that you love for days you can’t make it to the gym? I’d love to try them out so let me know below!

Cocktails, Confetti, Celebrations, Work?

Happy June, y’all! I’m just over eight weeks into my new job as an event manager for a catering company and it’s been party central 24/7 in my life. No complaints to be heard over here, though!

I’m now attending anywhere from three to five parties a week and it’s a whirlwind lifestyle! While no, I’m not kibitzing with the other guests and getting my drink on all night, I am seriously expanding my dress wardrobe and busting some sweet dance moves in the privacy of a venue’s kitchen to the sounds of DJ’s and live bands.

I positively love the company that I work for – which is a lot to say when some shifts turn out to be 13 hours long. Our chefs produce to-die-for hors d’oeuvres and dinners and I’m not even being biased here. I could eat our food all day and sometimes it feels like I do! (double checks that I still have an active gym membership!)

I’m still pinching myself that I actually have a job in the field my degree is in and that I work with such amazing people. Plus, no complaints on my 10 minute, no-traffic commute to the office!

I feel like I’m busy all the time nowadays and I’m definitely adjusting to this new all-work lifestyle. I keep lists everywhere – my laptop, my phone, scraps of paper in my wallet, all through my planner.. seriously, they’re everywhere. I’m constantly double and triple checking things to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. I definitely would not want to be on the wrong end of a mistake during someone’s party!

The past eight weeks have been such an adventure and the season is just getting started. I had to put LindseyShak on the back-burner during the month of May while I got settled into my new job and could actually balance everything that’s on my plate.

Are there any other post-grads out there just starting new jobs? It’s crazy having to juggle work and play (especially when work is “professional play”) so I’m open to any organizational advice you may have!


Wanderlusting Wednesday: Nova Scotia

I feel like I’ve been sitting at my computer staring at flight deals these last few days. I’m itching to travel and want to book any flight that comes up first. Alas, my inability to be completely spontaneous (and lack of available vacation time at work) always gets the best of me.

I’m currently in a deep, irreversible state of wanderlust. It’s been about 5 weeks since I last stepped foot onto a plane for my weekend adventures in North Carolina. I don’t have any trips booked for the future but boy do I wish I did! My sister and I are casually discussing some travel options for this summer because we’ve made it a goal to get at least one stamp on our passport each year.

I’m currently wanderlusting over these photos from Nova Scotia & hoping to book a trip up north ASAP!

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada.    Tide changes every 6 hours.  High and low tide vary by 50 feet, the greatest height in the world.:

kayaking through the Bay of Fundy

I want to drive to nova scotia. maybe next summer! Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Event in Nova Scotia — Tim Lingley:

The Northern Lights from the beaches of Nova Scotia

 Looking down the port in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia | The Fisheries Museum is an excellent place to learn about the history and fishing culture of Nova Scotia | The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog:

The picturesque port town of Lunenburg

Have you ever been to Nova Scotia before? Have any travel tips? As each day goes on I’m getting closer and closer to booking a summer vacation to this gorgeous Canadian province. 

*all photos link back to original source

Weekend Reading

I know, I know… how often can I say that I’m sorry for the radio silence? I hate making promises I can’t keep but I’m really hoping I’ll be back at it with LindseyShak now that things with work have settled down a bit. For now, I’ve pulled together some articles that have been catching my eye lately that I think you should add to your weekend reading!


From around those parts: 

1. This inspiring story of “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prom Dress”

2. A photo documentary of expressions after each glass of wine

3. TIME magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People 

4. 90’s kids unite! Disney is airing a 4 day marathon of their original movies!

From around these parts:
(not too much, but a little reason as to why I’ve been so silent lately)

1. Life Update: New Jobs & Inspiring Desk Spaces

I don’t have too much on my weekend reading this time because I have a relatively busy weekend ahead full of a wedding shower, family dinner, and redecorating! If there’s an article, video, etc. that you think I may be interested in then link it below and I’ll be sure to make some time to check it out!


Life Update: New Jobs & Inspiring Desk Spaces

It’s been a hot minute since I last had some time to sit down and write to y’all. Have no fear though, I’ve been seriously missing LindseyShak.com and have been brainstorming all sorts of fun new posts to come your way!

For now though, I wanted to give a bit of a life update (with some added shopping goodies, of course)!

A few weeks ago I started a new position as an Event Manager for a catering company. Woah, did I really jump right in! I have a degree in Sports, Entertainment & Events Mgmt. but a degree by no means implies that I am an expert in event management yet. I’ve been so busy between being in the office planning events and designing menus as well as being out at events that I feel like I’ve barely had a minute to breath. Ya know what though? I absolutely love it!

Around the same time I accepted my current position as an Event Manager, I also accepted a temporary position as a production assistant for a local run club assisting with some events during Boston’s Marathon Weekend in a few weeks. I have to be a bit vague right now with this one but will be sure to update you thoroughly once the events are over! Needless to say though – I’m doing conference calls in my car, constantly recharging my overworked laptop and becoming extremely used to answering my phone by saying, “This is Lindsey” rather than my typical, “Hey!”

Even with the minimal hours of sleep and maximum intake of caffeine that my body has been experiencing lately, I’m so happy that I’m 1. employed now and 2. loving the field that my degree is in! I know that it’s rare to actually get a job in your field out of college. Often times people will take part-time gigs, go back to school, etc. I’m definitely lucky here and I certainly do not take that for granted.

What I have quickly realized is that a new job calls for a bit of shopping! Working in events can be definitely is exhausting. However, surrounding yourself with pretty things is always a great motivator to get through that 3pm afternoon slump. I’ve linked some of my favorite desk accessories that help me feel inspired day to day!

1. Nate Berkus Tabletop File // 2. Nautical Bookend Set // 3. Expletive Paper Clips // 4. Post-it Dispenser // 5. Thank You Cards // 6. Bulletin Boards // 7. Desk Caddy // 8. Do What Matters print

Do you have some favorite desktop accessories that help to keep you organized and motivated for success? Let me know what they are by dropping a note in the comments. Together we’ll be taking over the working-world by storm!

Brunch Bunch: Special Feature Part Two

Yesterday I shared part one of my brunch adventures over the weekend in Charlotte and today I’ll be sharing even more!

Sunday brought a whole new level of brunch experience for Caitlyn, Chelsea and me. While Saturday brought a slight air of sophistication, Sunday was strictly dedicated to comfy and casual.

The three of us ventured out at about noon to head to Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe in the Plaza Midwood area of Charlotte. (Saturday was a late night so we welcomed the slow start to Sunday morning.) After waiting what seemed like 10 years, we gleefully took our seat and ordered upon our waiter’s first visit to our table to drop off water. There was no messing around with this brunch. Chelsea and I ordered the same thing: the Booker T: sweet potato hash Browns topped with egg frittata. Caitlyn got the Blazing Saddles omelette which featured all sorts of hot ingredients that I stay away from due to my seriously pitiful tolerance of spicy things.

 Brunch also included necessary alcoholic bevvies. Chelsea got a Bloody Mary while Cait and I split a bottle of champagne for make-your-own mimosas at the table!
Brunch was so much fun – we didn’t end up leaving until almost 3:00! It was definitely a good time and one of my favorite brunch spots to hit up while I’m in Charlotte!

Saturday and Sunday were far different brunch experiences for the Brunch Bunch but they were both so much fun! Check back soon to hear about the rest of my adventures down in North Carolina!